Antenatal Care

Antenatal CareEvery woman living in Ireland is entitled to free antenatal care and care for herself and her baby for 6 weeks after delivery.

We offer shared care with ourselves and a hospital clinic. This means you can make a definite appointment to come to us every second visit or so, and avoid the inevitable long delays in a hospital outpatient clinic.

At you first visit we will confirm your pregnancy test and help you to make all the decisions regarding your care during the pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a happy, healthy condition but can seem daunting and confusing at first. Here at the Bray Women’s Health Centre, we will help guide you through the necessary form filling and advise how best to take care of yourself and your baby. We would advise every woman to take folic acid in early pregnancy, to avoid alcohol and cigarettes, to eat a normal balanced diet and to remain physically active during pregnancy.

We are part of the Shared Antenatal Care Scheme with the HSE. This means that there is no charge for your antenatal care, which will be shared between ourselves and the hospital outpatient clinic.

Every woman has many concerns about the health of her developing baby. At the Bray Woman’s Health Centre we offer several options to screen for chromosomal disorders, microdeletions and the sex of the fetus with up to 99% accuracy.  This involves an ultrasound scan, a consult with a doctor and a blood test.  The various options are detailed below and there are differences in accuracy, timing and price. Please ring and we will talk you through your choices and when you come in you will have a further opportunity to discuss it with the Doctor.