Semen Analysis Available In Bray

Semen AnalysisMen will shortly be able to have semen analysis carried out at our clinic in Bray. For many, this will save an inconvenient trip further afield.

For men who have concerns about their fertility, this test will assess sperm production and quality. It can also check that a vasectomy has been successful.

The analysis will be carried out by an expert embryologist. Further details about what semen analysis is and who will be doing it can be found here.

You can book an appointment for yourself directly or you can have your own doctor refer you.

We will send you full instructions for production of the sample when you book your appointment. The embryologist will prepare a comprehensive report shortly afterwards. This will be sent to either your own doctor or to our fertility specialist in Bray if you prefer. This is so that someone with the necessary expertise can explain the results to you and, if necessary, arrange any further follow up.