Our Fees

Description Price
General Consultation (15 mins) €60
Consultation with Blood Test €100
Follow-up/Review Consultation (at doctors discretion) €50
Student Consultation (15 mins) €50
Children/Babies (BWHC is not part of the under 6’s scheme but will always see a sick child) €45
Emergency Contraception (Price depends on the most appropriate method after consultation with the doctor) POA
Crisis Pregnancy Counselling FREE
Menopause 1st Visit (30 min) €180
Menopause Follow-up (15 mins) €80
Depo Provera injection €65
Mirena, Kyleena and Jaydess Coils  (Price includes 3 visits – Initial consultation, Insertion of the device and 6 week follow-up) Cost of coil is NOT included in this fee* €260
All Coil Removals €60
Mirena, Kyleena and Jaydess Coils Insertion and Removal*(Cost of device is not included in this fee) €250
Implanon 1st Visit €60
Implanon Insertion* (Cost of Implanon device is not included in this fee) €120
Implanon Removal* €130
Implanon Insertion and Removal* (Cost of Implanon device is not included in this fee) €140
Copper Coils 1st Visit €60
Copper Coils Insertion* (includes price of coil) & Follow Up Visit €200
Copper Coils Removal €60
Copper Coils Insertion and Removal* €260
Diaphragm Fitting & Cost Of Device* €100
STI Screening* €100
Cervical Smear Test if covered by Cervical Check FREE
Cervical Smear Test if not covered by Cervical Check (Private Smear Test), with HPV Testing €160
Blood Test (if already had a consultation) €40
Swabs/Urine Sample €15
Cryotherapy (after initial consultation) €35
Ear Syringing (after initial consultation) €35
Repeat Prescriptions (written request only) €25
Sick Certs €25
Travel Vaccines – Price on request, depending on what vaccines are necessary POA
Vasectomy Initial Counselling/Information Session* €100
Vasectomy Surgical Procedure* Including Post Vasectomy Semen Analysis €395
Semen Analysis* €150
DNA Fragmentation* €350
Specialised Fertility Clinic – Any tests recommended will be an extra cost* €150


* From 31st July 2017 we will charge a deposit of €50 for every booking that requires a 30 minute appointment ie. STI Screenings, Implanon Insertions and removals, Vasectomy Consultations and IUD Insertions , 1st Menopause visit and Fertility clinic appointments. This is payable on booking. We regret this but it has become necessary due to the high number of “no-shows” – This leaves us with a vacant half hour appointment which many people would have liked. If you have paid €50 and cancel your appointment giving 48 hours notice we will refund your deposit.