Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the questions our Practice is frequently asked regarding women’s health, procedures and general medical queries. The FAQs will be added to and updated on a periodical basis.

Log on to You will need to know your PPS number. They will tell you when your next smear test is due.

Yes. A smear test is completely free, providing that you are eligible. Check first on

The doctor is usually busy seeing patients but will respond to an email if you send one to and include the details of your query.

Repeat prescriptions are accepted by written request only – click here to see the repeat prescription section of this website. We ask for a weeks notice and there is a fee of €25. A repeat of any medication is always at the discretion of the doctor.

They are not being ‘nosey’ and they are not trying to embarrass you. They ask because we doctors have asked them to ask you! We train our Reception staff to gather certain information in order to ensure that our patients receive: The most appropriate medical care, From the most appropriate medical professional, At the most appropriate time. The brief information collected by the Receptionist will help us to prioritise those patients who need urgent attention from the most appropriate health professional. Like all members of this Practice, our Receptionists are bound by the same strict confidentiality code as the Doctors. Any information given by you is treated in the strictest confidence. You can speak to the Receptionist in private away from the Reception area if you wish. If however, you feel an issue is very private and you do not wish to say why you want an appointment, the Receptionist will of course respect your decision.

Ring us to make an appointment to come in and see the doctor. We are part of the Combined Antenatal care scheme and we can look after you, in conjunction with a Maternity Hospital, during your pregnancy. At your first appointment with us we will confirm the pregnancy, offer lifestyle advice and guide you through all the necessary paperwork!

We also have a complete Crisis Pregnancy service and we offer free pregnancy tests.

There are many reasons why you might experience some bleeding while on the Pill. Ask to have a word with the doctor. You may be advised to come in and see us.

Ask to have a word with the doctor. Advice given really depends on whether you have missed a pill at the beginning, middle or end of your packet and whether you have had sex recently.

The doctor will ask you some questions and take a careful history. Don’t worry… We are completely non-judgemental and we have heard most things before! You will then have some swabs taken and also a blood test.



We do take bloods but you will need to have a consultation with the doctor to agree what bloods are necessary for you.

A number of women say they notice their weight going up slightly (about 1 or 2 lbs only) This might be because of some fluid retention caused by hormones, it is usually temporary and quickly goes away. There are over 16 brands of pill in Ireland and some of them are designed specifically to prevent fluid retention.

  • For every 100 women using condoms about 15 will get pregnant each year.
  • For every 100 women using the pill about 9 will get pregnant each year.

This is mostly because condoms and the pill need to be used correctly.

Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives are >20 times more reliable protection because you do not need to do anything.

These are:

  • The 12 week injection (Depo Provera)
  • The 3 year implant (Implanon)
  • The 3 year intrauterine hormone coil (Jaydess)
  • The 6 year intrauterine hormone coil (Mirena)
  • The 5-10 year intrauterine non-hormonal coil (Copper coil)

Yes. Any sexually active woman can choose an IUD.

Yes, but we usually like to wait until you are 3-4 months after the delivery.

No. We use a tiny amount of local anaesthetic to numb the skin so you don’t feel any pain.

No, we just need to be absolutely certain you are not pregnant. We will ask you to use one or other form of contraception for a few days or weeks before inserting the IUD.

Alternatively if you have not had intercourse for the last 3 weeks we will do a pregnancy test before your IUD insertion.

NO. Diagnosis of menopause is made by talking to you.

NO. There are some breast cancers that are hormone sensitive ( meaning they grow more quickly in the presence of hormones). If you are unlucky enough to develop one of these breast cancers while on certain types of HRT, that tumour will grow faster. Research studies have NOT shown that using HRT causes the cancer in the first place.

NO. The severity of menopause symptoms goes down over time. Flushes and sweating in your late 60’s will not be as bad as in your 40’s and 50’s. Using low dose HRT in younger life can give you immediate relief from disruptive symptoms and then as you get older we can try slowly weaning you off the medication. Sadly, some symptoms never go away (vaginal dryness gets worse as you age!) but thankfully there are other methods of improving those symptoms.

NO. Most women notice their first menopausal symptoms many years before their periods stop. It can be so unfair that you are having flushes, sweats, sleep disturbance, poor memory, mood and concentration difficulties, and still be at risk of a pregnancy!