If you would like to book an appointment in the Bray Women’s Health Centre please fill in this online Booking Form.

We will contact you very shortly to confirm the booking details*

You can also call us at 01 276 1522 to make your booking over the phone if you prefer and our friendly reception staff will discuss the best type of appointment for you.

We politely remind patients that appointments are 15 minutes long. This helps ensure clinics run to schedule and other patients are not inconvenienced.  If you need a further appointment to discuss further problems, please talk to the Receptionist who will be only too happy to help you. Longer appointments are available on request and will incur an additional cost. You will automatically be given a 30 minute appointment when you book for any procedure, an STI screen or a First Menopause appointment.

* From 31st July 2017 we will charge a deposit of €50 for every booking that requires a 30 minute appointment ie. STI Screenings, Implanon Insertions and removals, IUD Insertions, etc. This is payable on booking. We regret this deposit requirement but it has become necessary due to the high number of “no-shows” – This leaves us with a vacant half hour appointment which many people would have liked. If you have paid €50 and cancel your appointment giving 48 hours notice we will refund your deposit.