Menopause Clinics

Menopause ClinicsHot Flushes?  Night Sweats?  Vaginal dryness? Poor concentration?

Menopause consultations are a large part of what we do in the Bray Women’s Health Centre.

Our Doctors are experts in this area and regularly attend conferences to keep up to date.

Dr. Deirdre Lundy travels the country giving talks to other doctors about the menopause.

We believe that symptomatic women should be assessed individually and may, in the absence of contraindications, be offered hormone replacement therapy (HRT) as part of an holistic approach to management of the menopause. Lifestyle modification with advice on diet, exercise, smoking and alcohol should be an integral part of this.

We will discuss your health with you. Not everybody wants or needs HRT but we will make sure that you are aware of all possibilities.

Around this time of a woman’s life is also a good time to have an ‘MOT’, so we can do blood tests for cholesterol, thyroid function, glucose . We will make sure you are up to date with cervical smear tests and that you are registered with Breast Check. Sometimes we will suggest that you have a DEXA scan to assess your bone health.

The use of herbal products as an alternative to conventional HRT is not supported by reliable data and in many cases their safety is untested.

‘BIO identical’ or ‘compounded’ HRT products are not recommended alternatives to conventional HRT.

Please come and see us if you are concerned about any aspect of your health at this time or if you simply just want more information.

Our Fees
Menopause 1st Visit – Includes blood tests (if necessary), breast exam €150
Menopause Follow-up visits €60

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