Specialist Fertility Clinic

There are increasing numbers of TV programmes and magazine articles raising people’s awareness of their fertility. This is a good thing. However, in the absence of an alternative, people often feel driven to attend a specialist fertility clinic for advice. For most, a visit to a well-informed GP would be a more appropriate first step. All of our doctors can give you good basic fertility advice. If you feel you need something a little more advanced, you can choose to see our fertility specialist instead. This gives you the benefit of specialist advice but in your GP clinic. The best of both!

Dr Catherine Riordan

I graduated froCatherine Riordanm UCD in 1988, became a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in England in 1993 and was nicely on track to become a urologist. In 1996, I chose to step off the hospital career ladder to raise a family.

Vasectomies were a routine part of my work in urology from 1992. My first foray into reproductive medicine was providing a vasectomy service for various family planning clinics in Cork and Dublin. I soon decided to train in women’s health and joined the team at Bray Women’s Health Centre in 2000. I have worked part time as registrar to Mr David Mulvin in the urology department at St Michael’s Hospital in Dun Laoghaire since 2010.

By 2015, I was ready to return to more full time work. I consolidated my previous experience by entering the field of assisted reproduction at the Sims IVF clinic. There, I spent 2 years immersed in the fascinating world of IVF. In early 2017, I moved on to ReproMed in Dundrum, where I now practice as a fertility specialist.

Fertility clinics don’t always serve couples or women with fertility issues well. With operating theatres and embryology labs, they are geared up for IVF. Women with concerns about their future fertility should not have to go to an IVF clinic for advice. Not every couple who has been trying to get pregnant for a few months needs IVF. Men with fertility issues probably wouldn’t choose for their first encounter to be with a gynaecologist! Along with The Ultrasound Suite, I can provide a simple, cost effective solution for many of you. Those who eventually need more advanced treatment will be fully informed and with a clear understanding of what may lie ahead. Otherwise, it can become a very daunting, confusing and frustrating experience.

I am very happy to see anyone who has concerns about their fertility, is worried that it may be taking them too long to get pregnant or who has already been through fertility treatment and is confused and uncertain what to do next. We can offer treatment such as ovulation induction using medication such as Clomid with ultrasound monitoring.

Absolutely. Male factor plays at least a part in about 50% of couples with fertility problems. It is important to find this out before the female endures all sorts of unnecessary investigations. With a background in urology, I can assess men for many issues such as erectile dysfunction, varicocele, poor sperm production. In many cases, we can take measures to improve things. Sometimes with lifestyle changes or medication. Sometimes more advanced intervention is required. There are very few properly trained andrologists in Ireland and I will ensure that you see the most appropriate specialist.

Semen analysis will be carried out by an expert embryologist at our clinic here in Bray. Further details can be found here.

Although I work at ReproMed, this is an entirely independent service. The intention is to help you to avoid such clinics if possible. For those who do need high tech treatment, I am more than happy to refer you to the specialist fertility clinic of your choice. If you prefer, I can take you under my care at ReproMed, of course.

Struggling with infertility is enormously stressful and can be very isolating. Undergoing fertility treatment is stressful in itself. It takes over your life, disrupts your work schedule and costs a lot of money with no guarantee of success. Relationships often come under strain. All too often, I see people try to tough it out alone. It can be very helpful to sit down with someone independent who can help you see the wood from the trees. I have worked with Michele Pippet for many years and have no hesitation in recommending her as a counsellor. Often, under Michele’s expert guidance, one or two sessions will be enough to help you get your head straight and make the right decisions.

This largely depends on your needs. It will cost €150 for an initial consultation which will last 45 minutes. At this point, we will tease through your history so far and see if we can pinpoint where the problem lies. We can then decide what tests may be necessary and what your best plan of action is. It is important, if you are part of a couple, that both of you attend. The problem lies on the man’s side just as often as on the woman’s. Also, this is a stressful journey and it is important that you take it together.

After that, testing will cost extra:

  • Routine blood tests: €35 for a panel
  • AMH: €100
  • Ultrasound scans done with The Ultrasound Suite: Generally €120 if referred by us
  • Follicle tracking: €80 per scan with 4th scan, if required, for free.
  • Counselling: €60
  • Semen Analysis €120