Our Fees

Description Price
General Consultation (15 mins) 55
Consultation with blood test 80
Follow-up/review consultation (at doctors discretion) 45
Student Consultation (15 mins) 50
Children/babies (BWHC is not part of the under 6’s scheme but will always see a sick child) 45
Emergency Contraception (Price depends on the most appropriate method after consultation with the doctor) POA
Crisis Pregnancy Counselling FREE
Menopause 1st Visit – Includes blood tests, breast exam* 150
Menopause Follow-up visits 55
Depo Provera injection 60
Mirena, Kyleena and Jaydess Coils  (Price includes 3 visits – Initial consultation, Insertion of the device and 6 week follow-up) Cost of coil is NOT included in this fee* 250
All Coil Removals 60
Mirena, Kyleena and Jaydess Coils Insertion and Removal*(Cost of device is not included in this fee) 250
Implanon 1st Visit 55
Implanon Insertion* (Cost of Implanon device is not included in this fee) 100
Implanon Removal* 120
Implanon Insertion and Removal* (Cost of Implanon device is not included in this fee) 130
Copper Coils 1st Visit 55
Copper Coils Insertion* (includes price of coil) & Follow Up Visit 195
Copper Coils Removal 60
Copper Coils Insertion and Removal* 250
Diaphragm Fitting & Cost Of Device* 100
STI Screening* 100
Cervical Smear Test if covered by Cervical Check FREE
Cervical Smear Test if not covered by Cervical Check 100
Cervical Smear Test if not covered by Cervical Check with HPV 155
Blood Test (if already had a consultation) 35
Swabs/Urine Sample 15
Cryotherapy (after initial consultation) 35
Ear Syringing (after initial consultation) 35
Repeat Prescriptions (written request only) 20
Sick Certs 15
Travel Vaccines – Price on request as it depends on what vaccines are necessary POA
Vasectomy Initial Counselling/Information Session* 100
Vasectomy Surgical Procedure* 350
Post Vasectomy Sample (Payable to Lab) 20
Specialised Fertility Clinic – Any tests recommended will be an extra cost* 150


* From 31st July 2017 we will charge a deposit of €50 for every booking that requires a 30 minute appointment ie. STI Screenings, Implanon Insertions and removals, Vasectomy Consultations and IUD Insertions , 1st Menopause visit and Fertility clinic appointments. This is payable on booking. We regret this but it has become necessary due to the high number of “no-shows” – This leaves us with a vacant half hour appointment which many people would have liked. If you have paid €50 and cancel your appointment giving 48 hours notice we will refund your deposit.